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Our Quality System


Rop Reti S.r.l. has always had, as the main target, the research and manufacture of products and services of better quality and, to this end, it is also constantly engaged in developing an internal organization that can meet those needs in a practical and effective collaboration with its customers and with its suppliers.

Our Quality System is established in accordance with the ISO 9001:2000 and is detailed in the following documents:


  • Quality manual
  • Procedures
  • Instructions
  • Plans for Quality
  • Forms

The following 12 points give the basic steps of our production cycle and characteristic aspects that we considered critical to the assurance of quality: 

1. When we receive a request of quotation from a Customer, first of all, we make drawings or sketches illustrating the product/solution and we prepare a list of the parts and materials with respective Suppliers. If necessary, the drawing or the sketch is attached to the offer. Our archive includes a large quantity of drawings of products with lists of materials.

2. Upon the receipt of an order, are written the definitive list of materials, drawings and anything else necessary for the order process.

3. Is always done a full review of the contract.

4. Rop Reti S.r.l. works with selected Suppliers and requires, where necessary, the certificates for the products supplied. In fact, every Supplier is selected and evaluated based on reliability, quality and on time delivery.

5. All the materials we receive are monitored and stored by a system that permits the rapid and unique identification.

6. Before that production has begun, the Production Manager assigns each job to the staff and monitors the performance, by helping the employees in the operations.

7. The respect of the delivery time is an important parameter for our customers, both from a production and administrative point of view, this means that our delivery programs are checked weekly with those already confirmed and, if needed, re-checked.

8. The "processing form" accompanying the product and its components throughout the production process is constantly updated on the progress of the process.

9. As soon the product is ready, is subject to final controls and, if necessary, tested. All results are recorded and stored with a system that allows for immediate examination of the product.

10. People involved on packaging and shipment have to be sure that products shipped have been packaged appropriately and all necessary documentation is attached.

11. All information regarding to the product and to each individual order shall be added and stored in our informative system.

12. All critical parameters are the subject of constant measurement and analysis in order to constantly improve the performance of our system.


Engagement of the Management for the Quality


The management of  Rop Reti S.r.l. undertakes to pursue a policy which is focused on the Customer, either internal or external. In particular, customer satisfaction is achieved through internal verification steps reviewed and updated on issues related to the offered services and products. Customer satisfaction is achieved by applying and adapting all the processes to its specific needs, implicit and explicit, as detected by monitoring both the cultural progress and the achievement of agreed targets under the contract. Customer is in a central position in the success of Rop Reti S.r.l.: therefore it becomes important to know it in depth, providing services and products which meet their needs and create a high level of satisfaction.


Our Targets for the Quality


1. improvement of the image and reputation in the market and, therefore, increase the number of customers, increased turnover, territorial expansion of our company and entry into new market areas;

2. satisfaction of stakeholders (property, customers, employees, suppliers), and then: the achievement of budget targets, optimization of employment, the high level of the training of employees and staff, reduced absenteeism and reduced (or near zero) litigations with employees, better use of resources and reducing the costs of poor quality, constant reduction in the number of complaints, high level of customer satisfaction, collaboration agreements with suppliers;

3. Respect of explicit and implicit contractual agreement commitments, through careful analysis and evaluation of mandatory requirements, as set by client and by the company (review of the contract);

4. Focus on communication to and from the customer, through the collection and analysis of  feedback on products and services, complaint handling, the answers to questions, surveys, information on new products and sending documentation information;

5. Customer care.

The achievement of these five objectives will be constantly monitored through the continued recognition of the level of customer satisfaction and analysis of complaints.

6. the adoption of modern technical support to Customer, which will be pursued through an ongoing training activities and updating of company management and employees who have responsibility;

7. Respect the environment and existing environmental legislation;

8. Respect of legislation on safety at work.

The achievement and support of these goals will be consistently pursued through training and information for staff at all levels.

By achieving these objectives is our intention to direct our company strongly its clients’ needs, increase the efficiency of the market and make customer satisfaction the differentiating factor in a highly competitive market.


Organizational structure and responsibilities


Our Quality Manager is:
Dr. Alessandro Lazzaretto (a.lazzaretto@rop-reti.it)

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